Finns Abroad: The Beach – exhibit A

The Power Couple

He’s basically akin to Brad Pitt. She – by virtue of his current interest being bestowed upon her – starts seeing herself as Angelina Jolie and acting accordingly. Not to the point of adopting a rainbow – that would only scare him off. For contrary to the original, he doesn’t want anymore kids than he currently has, an acceptable number by any standard. But being the woman at the Alpha Male’s side, gives her certain privileges. For one, she has social prestige. Secondly, she can post most anything on any social media and not only get away with it, but know that all her friends (and frenemies, for Angelina, needless to say, has many) will read and envy her to her heart’s content.

Photo courtesy of M. Vänskä
Photo courtesy of M. Vänskä

He, meanwhile, is more intent on shagging and drinking than on making sure that the Little Missus (not quite, but Angelina is nothing if not patient) is getting her rightful fill of presents and she-time (which she may or may not expect, for being with Him is already present enough). The while, she documents all his exploits (the drinking more than anything else) on her vast social media network. This is good not only for herself and her man, but for their line of business as well, happy people, drunken people, lively people, this-is-whose-company-I-want-to-be-in-constantly people.


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