People of Finland – the über-Germanic specimen


If Central Casting was looking for the Quintessential German, he is the one they would go for. His look is such that he could fit any of the present generic stereotypes: menacing soldier about to burn Lapland; metrosexual German very aware of his carbon footprint and his overall role in the world, apologetic for his über-privileged status, yet not wanting to hide his pride in the matter. Or Aryan Nation ideal, to which he would get a free pass if ever he was incarcerated, based purely on his looks.

The pseudo-German is in fact Finnish, as Finnish as they can be, which immediately becomes evident when you hear him speak. Because he works with youngsters and frequently needs to encourage them, his voice carries well and far, which is often mistaken for an impending attack and aggressive demeanor. His attire – due to his job – evokes images of a military academy, which may or may not be accurate.

It may or may not be worth conducting a social experiment and asking the man if he does indeed have some German. Providing, the question is worded delicately and with pure intent, the result could lead to insight into how Finns really view Germans.


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