Foreigners in Finland – the terminally ill fan


She always loved Finnish music, revered it. And for this reason, when the chance came to apply for a job in the country where her hopes and dreams would be made, she jumped at the chance and held on to it with both hands and feet.

A few years in Finland see her going about her task at work and then honing out the finer details of her real goal for coming to Finland: to meet as many musicians as she can and above all Her Idol. She’s been listening to his music since she was in her mid-teens, and the lyrics speak to her in a way no text book or lover really can. Attending his concert, breathing the same air as him, albeit from a considerable distance, for the first time in her life she feels happy and content.

Three months later she is diagnosed with a terminal disease, which everyone except for her doctors, assures her won’t be terminal in her case. Desperate to at least see her idol face-to-face once, she goes about stalking him methodically, even showing up in the area by his summer cottage. Miraculously, no complaints are filed. But even though she has come face-to-face with Her Idol, her nerves fail her at the last minute, and she walks away without saying a word as though she has lost a ball she was throwing with imaginary friends.

Six months after this incident, some of her casual acquaintances who previously found her behavior pathetic and beyond salvation, realize the mistake they have made and try to come up with ways on how to at least let him know of her plight, though they do not know the idol in question, nor have they ever really cared about him or anyone in his vicinity. Deciding to make things right, they start composing an email to her in which they plan to detail the steps they will take to enable her to at least have a signed picture with her name. In the middle of composing the email, they receive a mass missive from one of her parents stating that their daughter “has died peacefully in her sleep” the previous night.


2 thoughts on “Foreigners in Finland – the terminally ill fan

  1. C’est vrai, j’en ai pas fait trop ce dernier temps. Mais, je reprends maintenant. La tu m’as juste fait pensé, faudra que je fasse un poste sur le ‘Helsinki de K.M. bientôt. Merci d’avoir repris et de ne pas avoir perdue patience. 🙂


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