Foreigners in Finland – Two American Brothers Find A Cousin


Tourists in Finland – the American Brothers find A Cousin

They came as the brothers they are, wanting to see the land of their father, who’d moved to America when he was as old as their grandchildren were now. Their journey took them to a tiny village, whose name not even the locals could really pronounce. While looking around there, one of the brothers asked the first person he could find – an elderly gentleman around his age who’d come out to see what the newcomers were doing and (perhaps more importantly) what had brought them to this godforsaken spot.

The brother asked for directions to the graveyard, explaining where he had come from and why he was there. A tour of the entire place ensued, which resulted in conversation and an invitation – extended, of course, to both brothers – to spend, if not the weekend, at least one night at their guide’s house. As the alcohol flowed well into the late hours of the night – an unusual fact of itself as most locals were up at the crack of dawn and went to bed with the cows – it transpired that their host was not just a new-found friend, but also their first cousin.

Back in the Finnish capital the following Monday, the brothers spend the last night in their father’s country wandering around town. Heading into a nearby restaurant / bar, the brothers still reminisce about their discovery, sharing their experience with those customers asking them where they came from and what they are doing here.


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