The Man Who Kept Showing Up When She Needed Spiritual Help

Occasionally – and this was on a very few rare occasions – she would see the old man about town. She called him that, not out of disrespect, but because he transmitted to her a sense of wisdom and knowledge that surpassed his – so she guessed – sixty plus years. He was an average-looking man, average built, average height, and yet there was something about him that made her not just instantly recognize him (though, as a rule, she never recognized faces), but feel drawn to him, safe in his presence.

She did not talk to him, nor did she really want to, except for her desire to tell him that she was now okay. She remembered seeing him once, when they had crossed paths. In fact, they had crossed paths before but he had been driving, which in her mind didn’t really count. That time, the first time they had “interacted,” she had crossed the street on a whim, while he carried a small stack of letters to the corner mailbox. He looked at her as she walked by, and the look on his face neatly broke her heart. Not because he’d looked so sad, but because he had conveyed with his expression that he knew she did. It had only been a small, fleeting moment, and yet, it had been enough to sustain her, to convey the message to her that somewhere in this vast world of loneliness, there was someone who genuinely cared for her, who was concerned with her wellbeing. Someone who wished her well.

After that it became imperative for her not just to shake off the sadness and turn her life around, but to somehow let him know about this as well. She had realized that she’d see him every two years, but she had not realized that the time for another meeting had come. Instead she was walking idly around town, following her intuition which told her when to turn right or left. She was not thinking about him, except to acknowledge the feeling that she would be better off listening to her intuition that day. The feeling was strong, almost a nagging monologue instead of just a thought. She’d been walking around town with a spring in her step, feeling relaxed and calm, rounded a corner and realized, without stopping in her tracks, that the older gentleman walking the other way in a manner that endured they did not even brush past each other, was her Mentor Guide, as she referred to him. By the time she realized who it was, he’d continued walking, so turning back would have been in vain.

But the lightness in her heart told her that somehow he had noticed her as she’d walked by, noticed the spring in her step and the smile on her face. And she also knew that he was aware she’d received his message as well, that there was yet another change ahead, but this one would be a positive change.


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