Soul Family

For years we worked together, never realizing what it was we were doing. At times we were on different sides, or rather, different locations. Some of us were closer than others, or rather, two of us were not that close, at least not on the surface. But we drew on each other, from each other. Somehow, there was always a connection.

It only hit me recently how close we were, how we were always – even when we were thousands of miles away – aware of each other’s life paths. When one of us was in trouble, the other two knew somehow. It would manifest in the way we felt, the things we became interested in all of a sudden. And if we were apart for a long time, unable to communicate, or too busy with our own lives, there would always be a way to reel us in, an event maybe, or a post on social media.

We were soul family, always had been. Which was why, at the key point in our lives, we all navigated to the same place, a place we all hated, but that we had to be in, because it reminded us not just of the past but also of what was yet to come, giving us strength for our future endeavors – some painful, some bad – keeping us together in sickness and in health.


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